Craft is dead. You killed it.

CallowHill Guitars has been in the business of applying commonsense to excellence for over a decade, making instruments that are meticulously crafted, beautifully engineered, lightweight, and incredible sounding. Our guitars are the product of a perpetual R&D project with some of the world's busiest session and touring bassists. Our bodies are carved for comfort and balance, the necks are painstakingly detailed and planed to provide the lowest possible action (for those who prefer it) and the premium electronics are complemented with state-of-the-art shielding techniques.



Steve Beskrone

Richard Hammond

Franck 'Boom' Jean

Jeff Maccora

Matt O'Donnell

Ben Wiliams

Owen Biddle

Kevin Hanson

Steve Jenkins

Steve Mackey

Remy Rascar

Brett Williams

Brian Culbertson

Alex Hargrave

Jef Lee Johnson

Evan Marien

P.J. Roberts

Adam Clayton Wright

Adam Dorn

Tommy Harron

Micah Jones

Noah Matthews

Rick Skatore

Drew Felder

Derrick Hodge

Sandy Jones

Evan McGregor

Thaddaeus Tribbett

Darrell Freeman

Chico Huff

Tim Lefebvre

Damien Nueva

Tone Whitfield